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Becoming a Courageous Divine Human

If you aspire to be an evolutionary leader, modern-day mystic or change agent, I have a special invitation for you to participate in a free call that features modern-day mystic Matthew Fox, shiftnetwork-modernmysticwhose 28 books have inspired millions and created a wholly new vision of the spiritual path.

On October 16th, on a free call hosted by The Shift Network, Matthew will share the core principles of walking the fourfold path of the modern mystic on his free teleseminar : The Fourfold Path of the Modern Mystic: Becoming a Courageously Divine Human.

In this free event, Matthew Fox will share with you how to create real alchemy in body, heart, mind and soul by integrating four powerful streams:

  • Joy (a product of the Via Positiva)
  • Grief (of the Via Negativa)
  • Creativity (from the Via Creativa)
  • Justice (the end result of the Via Transformativa).

  When these four currents are married in your life, you develop the kind of spiritual courage that has changed history again and again. It’s the synthesis of the light and dark, embodiment and transcendence, art and social action. It’s an expression of the Divine Human that is seeking to be born through you.


If becoming more Courageously Divine calls to you, please register now for this free call.

Click HERE to register.


In gratitude,

Susan Le Clair, Founder
Beloved Promotions

Virtual Satsang with Gangaji

If you’ve ever caught yourself searching for lasting fulfillment outside yourself;
suddenly found yourself mentally spinning ideas such as:

“If I could only find the right partner, then I’d be happy…”

“If I could only earn X amount of dollars, then I’d feel at peaceful and secure…”

“If I could only lose that extra weight, then I’d feel beautiful…”

… then you’ve experienced what renowned spiritual teacher Gangaji calls the idealization trap.
I’ve been there, too, which is why I’m thrilled to share with you a transformative process for shifting from the mind’s relentless search to the eternal presence of your being.

Gangaji, renowned spiritual guide and mentor, recognizes the truth of what each of us is fundamentally seeking and is hosting a special virtual satsang to show you how to open to a more conscious, peaceful and fulfilling life.

Experience Gangaji on Thursday, September 6th at Noon Pacific, 3:00 pm Eastern for:  
LIVING Enlightenment: The Keys to Discovering Lasting Fulfillment in Daily Life.”
During this virtual satsang you will:

* Recognize and unravel your limiting definitions of what life should look like
* Discover the capacity of your heart to embrace life’s high peeks and its valleys
* Redefine and expand your concept of “enlightenment”
* Connect to your most primal, ever-present innocence of being

According to Gangaji, it’s possible to break free from the idealizations distracting you from the radical fulfillment living within you, just waiting to be expressed.

And when you anchor into the essence of who you are, a meaningful, loving, responsible, and fulfilled life becomes immediately available to you.

Join me here to say YES to the power of your own being!


Click HERE to find out more.

Dowsing World Summit – First Annual

Register For The Dowsing World Summit

The first annual Dowsing World Summit will be held this year, beginning on September 25th and going through October 20th.

Expert speakers from around the world will be sharing their knowledge and insights with you for free! If you have a phone or an internet connection, you can join in, no matter where you are!

All you have to do is register and you can download free gifts to get you started dowsing, become better at dowsing and have you dowsing quicker and more effectively!

No matter what your expertise – rank beginner to seasoned pro – there is something here for you. Expand your horizons, for free!

Don’t hesitate! Register Now!

Click HERE to find out more.

Put Your Success on Auto-Pilot

Are you currently where you want to be in your life right now?

Chances are, from when you were a little child you’ve dreamed of your life looking a certain way.  You’ve imagined a certain level of success, a particular home, a specific style of car, a partner who understands you.

And I’m sure at some point, you’ve probably also written down goals, or at least made some decisions about where you want to be and how you might be able to get there.

But… are you exactly where you want to be in life right now?

Discover why it’s not your fault you aren’t getting the success you want and deserve by clicking on the button below:

Click me to Learn the Secret to Success!

In this video, Natalie explains:

  • Why affirmations and visualizations fail for 95% of people who use them (and what you can do to prevent this from happening to you).
  • The missing key in changing limiting beliefs so achieving extraordinary success is just the “natural” thing to do…
  • How lazy people can often make more money and lose weight faster than people who work hard… and how you can apply this to your own life right away to become an instant success.

So, if you’re sick and tired of being SICK & TIRED; if you’re over relationship drama; or, if you can relate with struggling to lose those extra pounds, watch Natalie’s video now, because she’ll tell you exactly how to turn it all around 🙂 And also gain access to…

Put Your Success on Autopilot!

When you access the video, you also have an option to sign up for a FR*EE Put Your Succes on Auto Pilot “live” training session, which includes a group live breathing exercise to banish anything holding you back…AND…an Expert Ebook, valued at $67 on Manifesting Money and Increasing Brain Power, ABSOLUTELY FR*EE! Just:

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21-Day Green Smoothie Detox

21 Day Green Smoothie Detox


Your body WANTS more fresh fruits and veggies.

Your body WANTS more greens and salads and fresh soups.

Your body WANTS to lighten your load and prepare to show off that gorgeous body to the sun!

So naturally, when you give it the extra little push of some daily email support, recipes, teleseminars and community cheerleaders in the structure of our 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox, there’s gonna be no stopping you!

Everyone knows NOW is the perfect time to do a detox, so it’s no coincidence that we’re going to rev our blenders and chug chlorophyll together starting on April 2nd.

It’s time to pull out your summer skirt selection and sign up for this 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox!

I’m in – are you?

To your health,



13 Grandmothers Course




A rare opportunity has been created to connect directly with the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers in a virtual gathering .


Join people all over the world – one session per week for 7 weeks – as the Grandmothers share the teachings of our ancestors that will  light our way forward.


Sessions with the Grandmothers take place Wednesdays, February 29th – April 11th. Most sessions will be from 5:00pm – 7:00pm Pacific time.


Join people from around the globe for an unprecedented 7-week virtual circle that connects you in a powerful way with some of our world’s wisest elders. The Grandmothers – respected medicine women and shamans from the Americas, the Alaskan Tundra, Asia and Africa – are at the heart of a healing that is bridging ancient and modern worlds and weaving the human family together again. And now you can receive their wisdom from your home, in a way that feeds your soul, while also empowering the shared work of healing the collective.


Over these 7 sessions, participants will be immersed in the ancient wisdom that the 13 Grandmothers bring at this critical time. They will share their visions, dreams, sacred rituals and ceremony and give you keys for the most pivotal role you can play in healing Mother Earth, including all her inhabitants, children and the next seven generations to come.


Don’t miss out on this remarkable opportunity!

Women on Purpose – Spiritual Business Bootcamp

Do you feel like you’re nearly 9 months pregnant with your business vision? Are you ready to give birth to a tangible business plan that will help you serve others AND make more money?
If you’re a Conscious Women Entrepreneur, a coach, a healer or an author … ready to actually attract the clients, write the book, start the business or create the programs that have been planted as seedlings within you… you’re in the right place.
Now more than ever, the world needs you.
During these nine weeks (not nine months!) of business breakthrough, 27 Heart-Centered Business Experts & “Midwives” are going to help you birth your creative venture and teach you to create a viable plan to serve others and make money with your gift.
This is an educational, transformational event – not simply a series of interviews.
Sign up here!
You will take your idea….your inspired vision….and turn it into a viable business model in just 9 weeks. As each interview builds on each other…
Like a Birth, each week will represent a month of your creation process. This Free Event is taking place from January 24 – March 22, 2012.
Your Midwives on this journey will share with you how to:
  • Clarify what you’re here to do in Business…
  • Discover the Secrets to finding your ideal clients
  • Break free from scarcity and self-doubt
  • Promote & Market Yourself in an authentic way
  • Allow Spirit to Guide you in your Business
  • Build a lucrative business pipeline using teleseminars, group programs, private clients and products.
  • And so much more…
Join us to be inspired AND get serious about serving more people, making more money, and giving back to create a healthier planet.
Learn from some of the most accomplished Spiritual Women business experts and visionaries of our time. Become the light you are here to be.
Sign up here!
Yours in purposeful service,
Susan Le Clair