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Business Building

Women on Purpose – Spiritual Business Bootcamp

Do you feel like you’re nearly 9 months pregnant with your business vision? Are you ready to give birth to a tangible business plan that will help you serve others AND make more money?
If you’re a Conscious Women Entrepreneur, a coach, a healer or an author … ready to actually attract the clients, write the book, start the business or create the programs that have been planted as seedlings within you… you’re in the right place.
Now more than ever, the world needs you.
During these nine weeks (not nine months!) of business breakthrough, 27 Heart-Centered Business Experts & “Midwives” are going to help you birth your creative venture and teach you to create a viable plan to serve others and make money with your gift.
This is an educational, transformational event – not simply a series of interviews.
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You will take your idea….your inspired vision….and turn it into a viable business model in just 9 weeks. As each interview builds on each other…
Like a Birth, each week will represent a month of your creation process. This Free Event is taking place from January 24 – March 22, 2012.
Your Midwives on this journey will share with you how to:
  • Clarify what you’re here to do in Business…
  • Discover the Secrets to finding your ideal clients
  • Break free from scarcity and self-doubt
  • Promote & Market Yourself in an authentic way
  • Allow Spirit to Guide you in your Business
  • Build a lucrative business pipeline using teleseminars, group programs, private clients and products.
  • And so much more…
Join us to be inspired AND get serious about serving more people, making more money, and giving back to create a healthier planet.
Learn from some of the most accomplished Spiritual Women business experts and visionaries of our time. Become the light you are here to be.
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Yours in purposeful service,
Susan Le Clair